1912 Titanic Mystery (2 Games in 1 Pack)

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Rating: For Everyone 10 years & Over. ESRB (US). Contains*Alcohol Reference, Mild Violence*
Pack your bags and sail off into the sunset down memory lane; you're sure to find a world of trouble. 

~~In 1912 Titanic Mystery 

A bomb is aboard the Titanic II on its maiden voyage, launched on a one-hundredth anniversary of the fatal Atlantic crossing. 

Find the bomb and save the ship and all aboard. 

Interact with different characters, discovering hidden diary entries and a century old mystery from the original Titanic. 

* Discover a multitude of fun & puzzling mini-games 
* Find hidden objects around the great Titanic 
* Reveal the secrets of a 100 year old mystery 

~~ In Neptunia 
Similar to a jewel quest style of play but under water who knows what you will find. 

Slip into your wetsuit in the name of science and dive into the fascinating world of Neptune, god of the sea! 

Click away the stones in such a way that those with a cross are released. 

Take advantage of the many bonus elements to help you in your race against the clock. 

NEPTUNIA will seize your imagination and never let go! 

System Requirements 
* Windows 98/Me/2000/XP/Vista 
* 1 Ghz CPU 
* At least 256MB Ram 
* approx 80MB Free Hard Drive Space 
*At least DirectX 8.0

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