9 Clues 2: The Ward

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Rating: For 16 Years & Over. Contains *Some Violence*
A young detective and her partner respond to a distress call from a psychiatric hospital on a secluded island isolated by freezing waters and constant, brutal storms. 

Upon their arrival, one of the hospital's therapists falls out of the window to his death. As their investigation continues, the detectives learn darker things have been happening at Mnemosyne Asylum than they could have ever imagined... 

None of the patients are willing to speak about the devastating fire that engulfed the hospital four years ago, or the fire's victims. The staff do everything they can to obscure the asylum's past, and keep the facade of peace and order intact. Each new clue only raises more questions... 

~ Features 

* Eerie story set in a psychiatric hospital in 1950s America. 
* 42 brilliantly atmospheric scenes and locations. 
* 18 challenging mini-games. 
* 39 achievements to unlock. 
* By Excellent hidden object game developers: Artifex Mundi 

System Requirements 

* Windows® Vista / 7 /8 
* 2GHz CPU or better 
* 1GB+ Ram 
* Approx 1.5GB Free Hard Drive Space 
* DVD-ROM Drive 
* DirectX 9.0 compatible graphic card with at least 64MB Video Ram 

Windows 10: While not officially supported, chances appear to be good for compatibility provided system drivers are up to date and there are no conflicts with existing software on your system. 

Install Tips: 

1) Registration online may be prompted by setup wizard but if not needed please cancel automatic setup and double click on the setup.exe file in the Data/ENG/Installs folder on disc. 

2) During the install menu selection process it is recommended that you uncheck the option to install the Avanquest tool bar. 

3) Game once installed is found in the GSP Folder on your PC. You can send a shortcut for the game to your desktop from the folder. 

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