Disney Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Man's Chest

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Rating: For 12 Years & Over. Contains*Some Violence* 

Embark on a daring adventure as Captain Jack Sparrow, hunting for hidden treasure in the quest for the legendary Dead Man's Chest. 

Engage in game play that reflects the cunning world of the film franchise -- with an abundance of disloyalty, humor and revenge. 

What's at stake? Only the player's immortal soul! 


* As Jack Sparrow, players take on a variety of enemies by utilizing strength and speed attacks or "dirty moves" (such as head butting and groin kicking) as they progress through the adventure. 

* Utilize different weapons including swords, pistols, hatchet, throwing knives and grenades. 

* Choose among five pirate ships and set sail in one of 10 maps to defeat fellow gamers or the PSP AI . 

* Earn notoriety by defeating enemies to gain rewards. 

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