Emerald Maiden Symphony of Dreams Collector's Ed. Cover Artwork
Emerald Maiden Symphony of Dreams Collector's Ed. Cover Artwork

Emerald Maiden Symphony of Dreams Collector's Ed.

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Rating: For 7 Years & Over. Contains *Some Frightening Scenes*

Brand New on 1 PC DVD-ROM Disc.
Abandoned at an orphanage 25 years prior, you've now received an invitation to meet your biological mother aboard an underwater dream facility, a playground for the rich and elite, designed to simulate dreams. Powered by an ancient technology, the machine holds many dark secrets... 

Lured to the facility by the promise of answers, uncover its many secrets and find what you are searching for. Challenge the evil spirit and escape the Emerald Maiden before it self destructs! 


* Uncover Dream Corporation's plans in the bonus chapter. 
* Find all of the hidden collectables. 
* Wallpapers, concept art, movies and biographies 
* Integrated Strategy Guide 

~ Bonus Game: Mirror Mysteries Forgotten Kingdoms 

Tommy is all grown up and on the hunt for the mirror that changed the lives of his family forever. However, he recently went missing and now his sister has contacted you to help her find him... 

System Requirements 

* Windows® Vista / 7 / 8 
* 1.8GHz+ CPU 
* 1GB+ Ram 
* DVD-ROM Drive 
* DirectX 9.1 compatible graphic card 
* Direct X 9.1 

Windows 10: Chances appear to be good for compatibility provided there are no conflicts with existing software on your system. 

Install Tips: 

1) Registration online may be prompted by setup wizard but if not needed please cancel automatic setup and double click on the setup.exe file in the Data/ENG/Installs + Bonus folders on disc. 

2) The ordinary install process from menu for Mirror mysteries II may take longer then normal to initiate. 

3) During the install menu selection process it is recommended that you uncheck the option to install the Avanquest tool bar. 

4) Games once installed is found in the GSP Folder on your PC. You can send a shortcut for the games to your desktop from the folder. 

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