Escape The Museum 2

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  • * 30 Mesmerizing Puzzles * 90 Adventurous Scenes * Hidden Object and Puzzle Game Play
  • 90 Adventurous Scenes
Find your way through a catastrophe to effect a rescue in this dramatic hidden object puzzler.

Help David reach his wife and daughter, who became trapped in the museum across town.

After a devastating earthquake rocks the city, navigate the treacherous streets, risk life and limb at every step, figure out the best possible path with the help of an unlikely stranger.

David must reach his family before nightfall, can you help him?

~Please note that picture is a depiction of the front and back of a single retail pack~

System Requirements


* Windows 2000/XP/Vista
* 1.0 GHz processor
* 512 MB of RAM
* 181 MB Hard Drive space
* DirectX 6.0
* CD-ROM drive


* Mac OS X
* G3 400 MHz processor
* 128 MB of RAM
* CD-ROM drive

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