Hidden Object Collection Classic Vol.3 Cover Artwork
Hidden Object Collection Classic Vol.3 Cover Artwork

Hidden Object Collection: Classic Vol. 3

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Rating: For 7 Years & Over. Contains* Some Violence & Frightening Scenes*

Brand New on 1 PC CD-ROM Disc.
Find a path to navigate your way through three beautiful far far away places... 

~ In Lost Lagoon: The Trail of Destiny 

You awake on a deserted tropical beach by a hot air balloon wreckage, but with no memory of who you are or of what happened. 

During a dream on your first night there, you flash back to the events of one week ago, to your hometown in Europe. Slowly your memory returns... 

Journey through catacombs, a sunken ship, and an ancient temple to get back home. 

~ In Lost Lagoon 2: Cursed and Forgotten 

You awaken shipwrecked on an unknown, seemingly uninhabited island, held hostage by powers beyond your understanding. 

Mysterious islanders lurk in the lush landscape. Their dark gods crave human sacrifices – and fate, or just bad luck, has delivered you to them. 

Find a way to lift the curse that marks you as their next victim! 

~ In Sandra Fleming Chronicles: Crystal Skulls 

The legendary Crystal Skulls have been lost for centuries. Sandra Fleming is hired to find them for professor Harold Wagner. 

Sandra and her friend Tom Fletcher search volcanic islands, the snowy mountains of Nepal, and the jungles of the Amazon to track down the ancient relics. 

Search scenes and solve mind-bending puzzles to unlock clues and reveal a dark secret that will change everything... 

Note: For Sandra Fleming, If your cursor gives you any trouble uncheck the game option for full screen. 

System Requirements 

* Windows® XP / Vista / Windows® 7 
* Pentium®IV or equivalent, 1 GHz or better 
* CD or DVD-ROM Drive 
* Memory: 512MB Ram or higher 
* Free Hard Drive Space: Approx. 750MB 
* Direct X 9.0 or higher 
* Graphics: Any DirectX® compatible device 
* Audio: Any DirectX® compatible device 
* keyboard, Mouse 

Note: While Windows 8 may not be officially supported, chances appear to be good for compatibility provided drivers are up to date and there are no conflicts with existing software on your system.

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