Luxor Adventures (2 Games In 1 Pack)

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Rating: For Everyone ESRB (US) = 6 Years & Over. 

Escape on a hidden object journey and play through an action puzzler in this magnificent pack. 

~ Luxor Adventures 

Follow John Swift and Jane Graham on a hidden object storyline as they travel through the past to keep history intact. 

When the archeology duo uncovers the Osiris Orb just outside of Luxor, they learn that the mythical Stairway to Heaven is more real than they had first believed. 

Now, they find themselves tumbling through time and space in a race to keep the deceptive, power-hungry Seth Hisster from changing history forever. 

John and Jane must recover a list of items misplaced in time to restore balance to the universe while collecting mystical orbs that will help them close the dangerous portal. 

Along the way, they'll meet legends like Leonardo da Vinci, Amelia Earheart, and Benjamin Franklin as they race against the clock to set things right. 

~ In Luxor Quest For the Afterlife 

Travel onto the Silk Road in search of riches beyond imagination. 

When the sacred artifacts of Queen Nefertiti are robbed, her earth-bound spirit calls upon you to find them so her eternal spirit will rise. 

Wielding the falcon-winged shooter of Horus, you choose your own paths on an expansive journey out of Egypt, on a quest to reveal and assemble Nefertiti's artifact pieces. 

Quest for the Afterlife features: 

* 100 all-new levels in Adventure Mode 
* Unlock upgrades in the in-game store, including new ball and shooter sets 
* Vivid Widescreen-supported backgrounds 

System requirements 

* Windows XP/Vista/Windows 7 
* 1.0 GHz CPU 
* 512 MB of RAM 
* Sound card 
* DirectX 9.0c 
* 64 MB video card 
* 250 MB of Free Hard Drive Space 

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