Margot's Word Brain DS Cover Artwork
Margot's Word Brain DS Cover Artwork

Margot's Word Brain

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Rating: For Everyone 10 years & Over ESRB (US) Contains*Mild Language*

Brand New Nintendo DS Game. US Release (works on a DS, DS lite, DSi & 3DS & 3DS XL in 2D).
Margot has devised a set of six fiendish and compelling word-based puzzles to test your vocabulary, spelling and general language skills. 

No two games will ever be the same as you wrack your brain against the clock to create words from randomly-generated letters in order to score maximum points. 

Some of the games to enjoy~ 

* Word Mine - The player is presented with six jumbled letters and given 90 seconds to create as many 3-6 letter words as possible. 

* Word Link - The player is shown a board of letters from which they have to create as many words as possible from connecting letters in 90 seconds. 

* Word Safe - The player creates words from two circles of letters surrounding a central letter - the outer wheel can be rotated for new word possibilities and combinations. 

* Each puzzle presents a unique challenge, and players will have to master them all to become the ultimate Word Brain. 

* Word Brain mode pits the player against all six of the games in succession. Their score is recorded so players can track their progression as they play again and again. 

* Easy-to-use menus and gameplay for gamers of all ages and experience levels. 

* Tracks high scores so players can compare and compete with friends. 

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