Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing Personal Edition Artwork
Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing Personal Edition Artwork

Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing Personal Edition

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[Personal Edition is licensed to 1 user record on 1 PC only]

For Ages 8+
Develop your typing skills using a proven approach to learning, one success at a time with Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing powered by UltraKey. 

With program options to adapt to age, needs and style, master typing at your own pace. 

~ Features 

* New Success-based Approach 

Step 1. Set Personal Goal 
Learning begins with setting a personal challenge level for speed and accuracy that you work towards as you complete lessons. 

Step 2. Learn Good Posture Habits 
A virtual reality model demonstrate correct body and hand shape. 

Step 3. Typing Technique 
Video and interactive graphics teach you typing technique, finger names and home row position. 

Step 4. Learn New Keys One Stage at a Time 
Systematically develop new keystrokes, blending them into pairs, chains, words and sentences. 

Step 5. Build Your Skill by Using It 
For each lesson complete a corresponding skill check using real-world typing challenges to ensure your progress. 

Step 6. Practice Typing 
Timed typing tests give standardised performance results. 

Step 7. Celebrate Success 

System Requirements: 

* Windows 8, 7, Vista SP1, XP SP3 
* 2GB+ Ram 
* 2.4Ghz+ CPU 
* Approx: 300MB free Hard Disk space 
* DirectX 9.0c 128MB Graphics Card 
* CD-ROM or DVD-ROM drive 
* Mouse & Keyboard 
* Internet Connection. 
* Updated Browser 
* Latest version of Java recommended. 

Windows 10: While not offically supported, chances appear to be good for compatibility provided there are no conflicts with existing software on your system. 

Install Tip: Setup may take longer then normal to initialise. If you have any issues, double click on the setup.exe file on Disc to initialise setup as normal. 

***Note: The Personal Ed. is an updated version licensed for 1 user on 1 PC. 

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