Michael Jackson The Experience

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Rating: For Everyone 10 Years & Over. ESRB (US).
Immerse yourself in Michael Jackson’s unique universe. 

Jam to a wide variety of songs from Michael Jackson’s extensive catalogue, including some of his greatest hits like Billie Jean and Beat It, as well as a wide array of his signature, awe-inspiring dance moves! 

Perform in authentic and soulful environments inspired by Michael Jackson’s groundbreaking music videos and stage performances. 

Feel the beat, master the rhythm, and step into his shoes… Don’t Stop 'Till You Get Enough! 

~ Features 

* Feel the beat and master the rhythm to step into the shoes of the King of Pop! 

* Follow Michael Jackson's rhythm, hitting the correct button to the beat of his most iconic songs. 

* Play along to his authentic choreographies. 

* Unlock special items for your virtual Michael Jackson collection. 

* Ultimate fans will enjoy mastering the tougher challenges in Hard mode! 

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