Mysteries, Secrets & Shadows Front Cover Art
Mysteries, Secrets & Shadows Front Cover Art

Mysteries Secrets & Shadows Triple Pack

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Solve dark mysteries, unravel secrets and overcome shadows in three sinister hidden object quests for light...

~ In Grim Facade 2: Sinister Obsession

You have been summoned to a lush vineyard on a rural Italian estate by the maid of a wealthy family. When you arrive, the frightened girl hands you a mysterious diary that reveals the murders of three women. 

What links the frightened girl, the mysterious diary & the murders of three women? Discover the truth before you become the next page in the killer’s book...

~ In Secrets of the Dark Eclipse Mountain

Following clues left by stone monks in a deserted town in Thailand you will try to save your friend from the Demon of Darkness. Battle dark and magical werecreatures that want to sacrifice your friend... 

~ In Theatre of Shadows: As You Wish

Hunt amongst the shadows to solve the mystery of a possessed theatre owner. The owner Nicholas, is possessed by a dark force that came from a magic shadow puppet. 

You must save Nicholas and capture the dark force before it releases dark shadows from another dimension...

System Requirements 

* Windows® XP / Vista / Windows® 7 / 8
* Pentium®IV or equivalent, 1.4GHz or better 
* DVD-ROM Drive 
* Memory: 1.28 GB+ Ram 
* Free Hard Drive Space: Approx. 1.7GB
* Direct X 9.0 or higher 
* Graphics: Any DirectX® compatible device 
* Audio: Any DirectX® compatible device 
* keyboard, Mouse

Note: For smooth gameplay it is recommended that you keep your Big Fish Game Manager updated to (version 3.30 or above) and your system drivers be kept up to date.

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