Nancy Drew The Phantom of Venice Artwork
Nancy Drew The Phantom of Venice Artwork

Nancy Drew The Phantom of Venice

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For mystery fans 10 years and Over 

Mystery # 18 

Uncover the mastermind behind a series of unsolved thefts that have taken place in Venice -- one of the world's most unique cities known for its interlocking canals and sleek gondolas. 

The Italian police have asked Nancy Drew for help in unraveling a crime ring that is threatening to steal all of Venice's priceless artifacts. 

Assuming the role of Nancy, players arrive in Venice during Carnival and begin taking on a series of challenges, including an undercover spy mission for the Italian police. 

Along the way, players must take advantage of the unique Venetian culture such as learning the language and navigating the transportation system (gondola or walking) to accomplish the mission at hand. 

As the game progresses, the masked thief becomes bolder and players will need to correctly identify the phantom before he or she goes too far. 


* Master Italian as you dig for clues 
* Create a fashion statement or a new disguise 
* Travel the canals and listen to singing gondoliers 
* Deal out the fun in the Italian card game Scopa 
* Cover costs with creative ways to earn Euros 

System Requirements: 

* Windows XP/Vista 
* 1 GHz or greater Pentium or equivalent class CPU 
* 128 MB of RAM 
* 1 GB or more of hard drive space 
* 32 MB DirectX 9.0 compatible video card 
* 16 bit DirectX compatible sound card 
* 24X CD-ROM drive, mouse and speakers 

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