Nintendo Presents Crossword Collection

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Crosswords, Anagrams, and Word Search. Play three of the all-time most popular word games on the go. With the touch-screen controls! 

* Pick up and play the most popular word games! 

* Over 1,000 crossword puzzles, anagrams and word-search puzzles now fit into your pocket! 

* With several levels of increasingly challenging puzzles, Crosswords DS offers non-stop gaming for people on the go. 

* Stylus Control! Use the DS stylus to touch the puzzle screen and fill in letters in Crosswords, slide your word tile in Anagrams, and locate hidden words in Word Search. Easy controls make it the perfect fit for portable puzzling. 

* Puzzles for everyone! Whether youre a crosswords beginner or seasoned expert, this game is for you, as there are tons of puzzles for all skill levels. 

Easy and fun to play Nintendo Presents: Crossword Collection houses over 1000 crosswords as well as anagrams and word searches. 

Simply use the stylus to input your answer. Whether you are getting into crosswords for the first time or an ardent puzzler, Crossword Collection is fun for everyone! 


* Choose a crossword at three skill levels: Easy, Medium, Hard 

* Handwriting recognition allows the player to write letters straight into the crossword 

* Get help when stuck with various degrees of hints 

* Hold the DS in book orientation and flip for left or right-handed players 

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