Phantasy Star Universe

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Rating: For 12 Years & Over. Contains* Some Violence*
Phantasy Star Universe delivers a rich, ever evolving world and will provide hours of slick entertainment... 

In Phantasy Star Universe, single-player fans will embark on an offline quest as Ethan Waber, a 17-year old cadet intent on saving his sister from an invasion of mysterious life forces called THE SEED. 

Online players will create their own characters from a range of races, and then set off to explore all three planets in the Grarl solar system. (Online play requires a paid subscription for a Guardians Licence as well as Xbox Live membership: These are NOT Included with game). 

Fans will travel with a squad of other adventurers, enter urban sprawls teeming with hundreds of other players, and build their avatars into powerful warriors. 


* Three enormous planets to explore. A gigantic overworld and more than 20 enormous dungeons are featured. 

* All-new enemies to fight. Along with a brand-new roster of standard opponents, there are more than 15 major bosses to challenge. 

* Player-controlled vehicles. Players no longer need to travel everywhere by foot, adding a new dimension to exploration. 

* The best online Phantasy Star experience. Features a game world that will evolve with new content over the course of several years. 

~~ (Online play requires both a paid subscription for a Guardians Licence as well as Xbox Live membership and also a download of the add on (client) Ambition of Illuminus from marketplace). 


Platform: XBox 360 
Format: PAL 
Players: 1 
HDD: 341KB to save a game 
Video: 480p, 720p, 1080i 

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