Pony Friends 2

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PEGI Classification Rating: 3 Years & Over. 

Imagine, create and befriend your own special pony and partake in fun activities together. 

Be sure to take special care of your Pony, keeping your friend clean and healthy so you can go on amazing trail rides across beautiful landscapes and environments. 

Grab the reins, photograph wildlife and unlock a whole host of secrets on your journey. 

Key Features: 

* With 12 Pony breeds (4 new breeds) players may customise almost every aspect of its appearance, along with its own unique personality. 

* Players can choose all their Ponys accessories and even design some of their own. 

* Pony Friends 2 features an exciting and energetic competitive mode across all formats: 

* Explore trails, befriend wild ponies and photograph wildlife to discover secrets. 

* Photograph many different wild animals and earn the friendship of wild ponies. 

* Earn new accessories and create a special look for your Pony. 

* Groom and take care of your Pony to keep it clean and happy. 

** Discover the Pony Friends world and get to know your ponies at your own pace. There is always something new to explore. 

System Requirements 

* Windows XP/Vista/7 
* 1.6 GHz CPU or better 
* 128 MB Direct X 9.0c Compatible Video Card with Support for Pixel Shader 2 
* 1 GB Ram for Windows 7/Vista 
* DVD-ROM Drive 
* 4 GB Free hard Drive Space 
* XP/Vista/7 Compatible Sound Card 
* Mouse & Keyboard 

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