Princess Isabella Trilogy (3 Games In 1 Pack)

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Rating: For 7 Years & Over. Contains *Some Frightening Scenes*

Brand New on 1 PC DVD-ROM Disc.
Be engrossed by the storylines and hidden object gameplay of the Princess Isabella Trilogy...

~ In A Witches Curse (Special Ed.)

Princess Isabella is set to marry the love of her dreams, Prince Adam. After returning home from a trip, however, she finds that an evil curse has been placed in every room, and has turned everyone inside the castle into mirrors. Follow the clues to save your friends and family.

~ In A Witches Curse 2 (Collector's Ed.)

The evil witch has returned and has captured Princess Isabella’s child and cast a spell over the whole kingdom.

Defeat the evil witch with the help of your trusty Fairy and a new friend.

~ In Rise of an Heir (Collector's Ed.)

After nearly defeating the Witch, Princess Isabella was turned to stone and her child rescued by her trusted friends Fairy and Dragon. Raised alone, with no idea of her lineage, young Princess Bella must rise and take back her kingdom. Join us for the exciting conclusion to the Princess Isabella trilogy.

System Requirements

* Windows® Vista / 7 / 8 / 10
* 1.8GHz+ CPU
* 1GB+ Ram
* Approx 2GB Free Hard Drive Space
* DVD-ROM Drive
* DirectX 9.0 graphic card.

Windows: If you have any issues with installation please use install tip 1 to install each game. Setup for the first two games will take longer then average to initiate.

Install Tips:

1) If using automatic setup, registration online may be prompted by setup wizard but if not needed please cancel automatic setup and double click on the setup.exe file for each game located in the Data/ENG/Installs/Game1, 2, 3 folders on Disc.

2) During the install menu selection process for Rise of an Heir it is recommended that you uncheck the option to install the Avanquest tool bar.

3) Rise of an Heir once installed is found in the GSP Folder on your PC.

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