Prison Tycoon 4 Supermax Artwork
Prison Tycoon 4 Supermax Artwork

Prison Tycoon 4 Supermax

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Rating: Teen ESRB (US)= 13 Years & Over. Contains*Mild Violence*
Build a profitable privately run prison from the ground up. 

Every wall, every fence, every decision is yours. Start small and forge your reputation as a first rate warden. 

Grow your facility to SuperMax capabilities, housing the most dangerous and diabolical criminals on earth - all for the bottom line. 

~ Please note: Picture is a depiction of the front and back of a single retail pack~ 


* If you build it Manage the layout, construction, and equipping of your lockdown. Every choice determines the safety and respectability of your prison. 

* Us vs Them - Staff your prison from guards to rehabilitation experts. Your decisions and budgets govern your teams morale and overall performance. 

* Break em Down - Manage the security levels throughout your prison. Too strong a grip can explode in prisoner riots - too weak and the gangs will run your stir. 

* Bad to the Bone! Lock up the worst of the worst in the NEW Restricted Access Quarters for 23 hours a day with 1 hour for outside exercise. 

* Someones Gotta Pay! Build prisoner factories to bring in some extra income to help keep the prisons finances healthy. 

* Be the Big Boss! 

* Control or Be Controlled! Keep the peace among the prison gangs or one may take over certain areas of the prison as their own. 

System Requirements: 

* Windows XP/Vista 
* Pentium III 1.4 GHz or faster 
* 512 MB RAM 
* DirectX 9.0c compliant 64 MB Video card and drivers (GeForce2 / ATI 7000 / Intel GMA 900) 
* DirectX 9 compatible sound card and drivers 
* 8X CD-ROM drive 
* 800MB Free Hard Disk space 
* Mouse 

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