Pro Cycling Manager Season 2015 PC Cover Artwork
Pro Cycling Manager Season 2015 PC Cover Artwork

Pro Cycling Manager 2015

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Become the sporting director of one of the 90 teams of professional cyclists, and compete in a 2015 season packed with new features that will take you around the world to participate in over 200 competitions (550 stages) and the ultimate challenge: the famous Tour de France 2015.

~ Please note that an internet connection is required to activate the game. Code is on a sticker inside case.

Recruitment, contract negotiations with riders and sponsors, personnel management, training programmes and the race calendar: leave nothing to chance.

You will play a key role in the race, where every decision will count in your bid for victory!


* ProCyclist mode: a brand new game mode where you control a cyclist at the start of his career and train him up to become an international star.

* Redesign of Career mode a revised rider progress system, 50 specific training programmes, trainers to boost the performance of your protégés, a more extensive scout management system and the opportunity to manage a reserve team!

* More realistic and strategic sprint sequences with the option to choose your sprinter’s preferred trajectory.

* Upgraded graphics with meticulously rendered environments and an improved AI that can handle the route and the difficulties in the stage more efficiently.

* New interface and design in the menus and in the race.

Minimum System Requirements

* Internet Connection to activate game
* Windows**® Vista / 7 / 8
* DVD-ROM Drive
* 2.2 GHZ+ Dual Core CPU
* 2048MB+ Ram
* 256MB DirectX 9 and Shaders 3.0 Compatible or higher (minimum resolution 1024 X 768 (4:3) / 1280 X 720 (16:9))
* Free Hard Drive Space: Approx. 11GB
* Direct X 9.0+ Compatible Sound Card
* keyboard, Mouse

** Windows XP is not supported.

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