Pure Futbol Authentic Soccer Xbox 360 Cover
Pure Futbol Authentic Soccer Xbox 360 Cover

Pure Futbol Authentic Soccer

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  • Rating:For Everyone ESRB (US) = 6 Years & Over.
Stop watching from the stands and discover what it’s like to play real soccer – raw and unfiltered. 

Through close-up camera angles and stunning audio & visual treatments, Pure Futbol captures the true on-field emotions. 

This ARCADE SIMULATION features 5-a-side matches that are intense, fast-paced, spectacular and include a level of aggression and physicality that would never be allowed in the professional game. 


* In the Heart of the Action – Experience what the players do, through tight camera angles and stunning audio/visual treatments that intensify key moments of the game. 

* Feel the Fight – There are no referees to stop the game every few seconds for little fouls. 

* Pure Futbol celebrates strength and power as much as it does skill and speed. 

* The Elite of Past & Present – Take control of over 230 elite players, 17 top international teams and 3 legends teams. 

* Multiplayer – Team up or compete against up to 4 players offline. (Online Play May require Xbox Live and the creation of a Ubisoft account but may no longer be available.) 

* Share Your Superstar – Create and upload your players for others to admire, download and use. 


Platform: XBox 360 
Format: Region Free (NTSC Release: this will run on NZ PAL Xbox 360 systems). 
Players: 1-4 
Video: 720p, 1080i, 1080p 

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