Puzzle Time Cover Artwork
Puzzle Time Cover Artwork

Puzzle Time

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Rating: For Everyone ESRB (US) = 6 Years & Over.

Brand New Nintendo DS Game. US Release (works on a DS, DS lite, DSi & 3DS & 3DS XL in 2D).
Escape on a mind easing frenzy and enjoy a collection of up to six puzzle type games that together offer more than one thousand puzzles to solve. 

Puzzle types include crosswords, Sudoku, "number trail," "code cruncher," anagram, and "picture puzzle." 


* Go through each puzzle at your own pace in Free Play Mode, or for an added challenge, try to complete each brainteaser within a certain time frame in Puzzle Time Mode and earn awards to keep you coming back for more to beat your personal best. 

* Each game type features a hint button for those having trouble, and the game also includes various awards to unlock by achieving certain milestones...

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