Puzzler Collection

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Solve the classic Crossword, Sudoku, Word Search and Fitword puzzles you love with all-new interactive videogame gameplay. 

With over 2,000 puzzles and three difficulty levels, Puzzler collection will wrack your brain as you try to solve them all! 

The PSP version of this mega hit has 5 different game modes. The modes offer a variety of styles of play, and a variety of audio to reflect the mood, pace and events of the various playing styles. 

* Puzzler Tournament 

This is the main game mode, in which the player tries to become as talented as a Puzzle Master. It provides a structure in which the player is compelled to progress through a number of different puzzle types. 

* Quick Blast 

Quick Blast is the perfect mode for quick games when you have a few minutes to spend for play. 

Tell the game exactly how much time you have to play, and you will be set a number of challenges especially picked to make the most of the available time. 

*Simply Puzzle 

When all you want to do is play a puzzle, then Simply Puzzle is the mode for you. Pick any type of puzzle you want, at a difficulty level. 

* Fast and Fun 

The specially chosen puzzles that appear in this mode will force you to make lightning fast decisions as you race to beat the clock. 

* Head to Head 

This Mode is a 2-players challenge. The rules will vary depending on the type of puzzle being played, but players will take it in turns to resolve a section of the puzzle and compete against each other. 

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