Reincarnations 2 Uncover the Past Collector's Edition
Reincarnations 2 Uncover the Past Collector's Edition

Reincarnations 2 Uncover the Past Collector's Edition

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Brand New on 1 PC CD-ROM Disc in Retail Pack

Rating: For 7 Years & Over. Contains* Some frightening scenes*
Jane and Dr. Herzle have made a major breakthrough in reincarnation studies, but their hard work is compromised when Jane is kidnapped by the unscrupulous Director Dr Weiner. To rescue Jane from Weiner’s asylum, you will need to help her explore her past lives. 

Explore locations including Victorian London and Renaissance Venice as you search for hidden objects to take on the evil kidnappers and discover valuable clues. 


* Play the bonus Reincarnations story: Rainbow Circus 
* Integrated strategy guide 
* Wonderful wallpapers & Superb screensavers & Glorious concept art 
* Musical soundtrack 

~ Features... 

* Engaging gameplay, enthralling puzzles and beautiful hidden object scenes. 
* Escape from the asylum, Discover the doors to your past lives and Explore Renaissance Venice. 

System Requirements 

* Windows® XP / Vista / Windows® 7 
* Pentium® or equivalent, 1.0GHz or better 
* CD-ROM/ DVD-ROM Drive 
* Free Hard Drive Space: Approx. 250MB 
* Memory: 512MB+ 1024MB Ram or higher for (Vista/Windows7). 
* Direct X 9.0 or higher 
* Graphics: Any DirectX® compatible device 
* Audio: Any DirectX® compatible device 
* keyboard, Mouse 

Notes: 1. If using Windows 7 or 8 Please update your Big Fish Game Manager before installing Reincarnations 2. Open Big Fish Game Manager, go to options and then about to find update option. 

2. While Windows 8 may not be officially supported, chances appear to be good for compatibility provided you have the latest updated Big Fish Game Manager (version 3 or above), drivers are up to date and there are no conflicts with existing software on your system. 

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