The Kore Gang Wii Cover Art
The Kore Gang Wii Cover Art

The Kore Gang

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Rating: For 7 Years & Over. Contains*Some Violence & Frightening Scenes*
Experience a game that is sure to be a family favourite on the Nintendo Wii with a warm entertaining story and some beautifully spaced out visual styles... 

The Story: 

Earthquakes have been shaking Manhattan when suddenly a gigantic drill-shaped vehicle bursts out of the ground. 

It is the Krank Tank, under the command of the three Krank Brothers who are the rulers of a bizarre civilization from deep down inside the Earth. 

The Kranks make it clear that they have no intention of sparing anyone in their plan of world domination – least of all you! 

Earth’s last hope is the Kore Suit, invented by the ingenious (and slightly demented) scientist Dr. Samuelson. - a brilliant robot suit that enhances wearer's abilities beyond imagination. 

Unfortunately, Dr. Samuelson has been lured into the ship and captured by the evil Kranks. 

Luckily, the Kranks are as stupid as they are ugly, and forgot to install their Doomsday device in their giant vehicle when they set off to conquer the surface. 

This buys our heroes Pixie, Madboy and dog Rex some time to enter the Krank Tank, use the Kore Suit and try to stop the hideous Krank Brothers. 


* More than one hour of hollywood-style cutscenes and sounds. 

* Countless humorous ideas and many funny details. 

* Innovative gameplay taylored to Wii, fully supporting advantages of Wiimote and Nunchuck. 

* More than 30 diverse levels in 6 unique, phantastic worlds. 

* Dozens of complete customized, freaky enemies and challenging boss fights. 

* Likeable heroes, which delight and will be loved by everyone. 

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