The Secret of Casanova

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Brand New on 1 PC CD-ROM Disc In Small Retail Pack
Rating: For Everyone ESRB (US) = 6 Years & Over. Contains*Alcohol Reference* 

The mystery of Casanova one of histories greatest lover's leads Francesca Diporta to the most beautiful and romantic places in the world. 

When Casanova's diary surfaces after being lost for hundreds of years, it's up to you to use your power as a world class sleuth to solve a mystery shrouded with love!

What secret does Casanova's diary hold? 

As you close in on the trail, you must solve challenging puzzles, discover clues and hidden objects, and play fascinating mini games! 

Follow the trail of a legendary lover to discover the lost secret hidden in the diary's enigmatic pages. 

~ Features 

* Play exciting mini games 
* Hundreds of cleverly hidden objects 
* Dozens of adventure game-style puzzles 
* Vivid environments plus an Atmospheric soundtrack helps to set the scene. 

* Bonus Game: Elven Mists 2- Wake up those elves from their slumber in this story like Tetris variant. 

System Requirements 
* Windows 7/Vista/XP 
* 800 MHz or faster processor 
* 1024 MB of RAM 
* Approx 256 MB free Hard Disk space 
* 32 MB Video Card 
* DirectX 9.0 or higher 
* Windows compatible Sound Card and speakers 
* 8X CD-ROM or DVD drive 

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