Treasures of Montezuma 2

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Brand New on 1 PC CD-ROM Disc.
Travel to an ancient civilization and discover a wonderful treasure all while having loads of jungle match 3 fun! 

Collect precious gems in three fabulous play modes. Search for valuable artefacts with the special hidden object mini-game and use power-up totems to unleash a matching frenzy!

Unlock trophies and collect all the gems before the time runs out.

~ Features...

* Engaging match 3 gameplay.

* 3 game modes: Adventure, Endless and Puzzle

* 120 Adventure levels, 40 Puzzle levels and Unlockable Endless Mode.

System Requirements

* Windows® XP / Vista / Windows® 7
* Pentium® or equivalent, 1.0GHz or better
* Free Hard Drive Space: Approx. 60MB
* Memory: 512MB+
* CD or DVD-ROM Drive 
* Direct X 9.0 or higher
* Graphics: Any 64MB+ Ram DirectX® 9.0c compatible graphics/video card
* Audio: Any DirectX® compatible 9.0c sound card
* keyboard, Mouse

Note: While Windows 8 may not be officially supported, chances appear to be good for compatibility provided system drivers are up to date and there are no conflicts with existing software on your system.

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