Unsolved Mystery Club Ancient Astronauts Cover Artwork
Unsolved Mystery Club Ancient Astronauts Cover Artwork

Unsolved Mystery Club Ancient Astronauts Collector's Ed.

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Five of your fellow Unsolved Mystery Club® explorers have disappeared in various parts of the Globe while investigating and searching for evidence of Ancient Astronauts®. 

Join the Unsolved Mystery Club® in the hunt for the missing explorers and unlock ancient secrets... 

MALI, AFRICA: The Dogon people of Africa have knowledge of the stars that baffles scientists. 

GIZA, EGYPT: The three largest pyramids of Giza are aligned exactly with the three middle stars of the constellation Orion. 

PALENQUE, MEXICO: Deep in the tropical rainforest of Palenque, lie the remnants of a mysterious Mayan leader. 

NAZCA, PERU: Centuries before the Wright brothers took to the air, flying machines existed on the plains of Nazca, Peru. 

NEW SWABIA, ANTARCTICA: If you were going to build a secret research facility, what better location than Antartica. 

TIWANAKU, BOLIVIA: The ruins of the ancient Tiwanaku at an altitude of almost 13,000 feet, it is one of the highest ancient cities in world. 


* Bonus Level with more clues. 
* Integrated electronic strategy guide 
* Concept Art, Character Art & Soundtrack 

System Requirements 

* Windows® Vista / 7 
* 1.2GHz+ CPU 
* 1GB+ Ram 
* Approx 700MB Free Hard Drive Space 
* CD-ROM or DVD-ROM Drive 
* 128MB DirectX 9.0 compatible graphics card 

Windows 8 & 10: While not officially supported, chances appear to be good for compatibility. 

Install Tips: 

1) Registration online may be prompted by setup wizard but if not needed please cancel automatic setup and double click on the setup.exe file on disc. Setup may take a little longer then normal to initialise. 

2) During the install menu selection process it is recommended that you uncheck the option to install the Avanquest tool bar. 

3) Game once installed is found in the GSP Folder on your PC. 

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