Survivor Cover Art
Survivor Cover Art

Youda Survivor

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Brand New on 1 PC CD-ROM Disc in Retail Pack
In Youda Survivor, use all your skills to fight off pirates, survive in extraordinary conditions on this mysterious 
island, and find your way home. 

Win over the hearts of the native tribe, obtain mystical tribal items with magical powers, and 
learn rituals which you can use to control the weather and use special machines to advance in your quest.

Prove that you have what it takes to survive anywhere and under any circumstances. 

~ Features...

* Engaging gameplay, dozens of addictive island levels and beautiful scenes to marvel at. 

* Test your survival skills; encounter exotic animals, cunning enemies, faithful allies and use special tools to make island life easier.

System Requirements

* Windows® XP / Vista / Windows® 7 
* Pentium® IV or equivalent, 3.0GHz or better 
* Free Hard Drive Space: Approx. 80MB 
* Memory: 1024MB+
* CD / DVD-ROM Drive  
* Direct X 9.0 or higher 
* Graphics: Any 16MB DirectX® 9.0c compatible adaptor
* Audio: Any DirectX® compatible 9.0c sound card
* keyboard, Mouse 

Note: While Windows 8 may not be officially supported, chances appear to be good for 
compatibility provided system drivers are up to date and there are no conflicts with existing 
software on your system. 

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