Ashes Cricket PS4 Cover Art
Ashes Cricket PS4 Cover Art

Ashes Cricket PS4

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Ashes Cricket is an authentic recreation of the fierce cricket gameplay series rivalry between England and Australia, featuring real cricketers, battling it out on real grounds, for the greatest prize in the sport...

~ Key Features:

* Fast-paced action, big hits and skill. Bathe your team in cricket glory in the men’s and women’s 2017/2018 Ashes tours.

* Official photorealistic likenesses for all of the Australian and English men’s and women’s teams make you feel like you’re right there at the live game. Star Test players have been fully motion-captured and you can choose your own batting or bowling style to make your game your own.

* Big Ant’s most detailed and refined cricket engine to date allows for true 360-degree batting. No two players will play the game the same way.

* Deep career mode: Play as a star or start as a junior and play club cricket until reaching international level.

* All the officially licensed stadiums featured in the 2017/18 Ashes tour.


Platform: Playstation 4
Format: Region Free (EU Release: this will run on NZ PS4 systems).
Players: 1-4
Free Hard Drive Space: 12.63GB Minimum plus extra for online updates.

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