Dragon Ball FighterZ PS4 Cover Art
Dragon Ball FighterZ PS4 Cover Art

Dragon Ball FighterZ PS4

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  • Rating:For 12 Years & Over. Contains*Violence & Bad Language*
Dragon Ball FighterZ on the PS4 is spectacular fights with all-powerful fighters...

~Key Features:

* 3vs3 Tag/Support: Build your dream team and sharpen your skills to master high-speed tag combinations.

* Story Mode: Discover a never-seen-before scenario featuring Android 21, a brand new character whose creation was supervised by Akira Toriyama himself.

* Train and master more than one fighter/style for deeper gameplay.

* Using the power of the Unreal engine and the talented team at Arc System Works, DRAGON BALL FighterZ is a visual tour-de-force.

* Experience aerial combos, destructible stages and famous scenes from the DRAGON BALL anime.


Platform: Playstation 4
Format: Region Free (EU Release: Runs on NZ PS4 Systems).
Players: 1-2
Free Hard Drive Space: 6GB plus extra for any online updates.

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