efootball PES 2020 PS4 Cover Art
efootball PES 2020 PS4 Cover Art

efootball PES 2020 PS4

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eFootball PES 2020 ushers in a bold promise to revolutionize eFootball and introduce the sport to a global audience with a renewed focus on immersion and authenticity.

 Be awed by new dribbling skills and finely-tuned ball physics that will enable you to exercise a greater level of control over your play than ever before.

 Take the manager’s seat in a completely revamped Master League and experience the unique satisfaction of orchestrating a stunning victory from behind the scenes of your very own club.

 Take in the energy of the crowd as you battle for dominance in the new competitive mode, Matchday.

 Finally, take in the sights and sounds of the pitch realized in unparalleled detail thanks to myriad graphical and audio improvements.


~ Key Features:


* Brand-New Mode: Matchday - Align yourself with one of two different sides at the start of each weekly event, where every perfectly placed pass and show-stopping goal unleashed contributes points towards victory.

* Upgraded trapping mechanics and new techniques; context-sensitive kick accuracy; more realistic defence and the addition of the intentional foul; an adaptive player interaction system that recreates player personalities on the pitch; and much more.

* Enhanced lighting engine, improved player models, realistic cutscenes and replay footage, plus a new preset camera angle that offers a broadcast feel.




DLC Note:  Voucher code for extra myClub content expired at the end of 2020 so may no longer be available for download.


Format: Region Free (EU Release: This is region free so will run on NZ PS4 Systems)

Package: PS4 Game Disc

Players: 1-4

Free Hard Drive Space: Approx 41GB+ extra for online updates.

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