Gravel Xbox One Cover Art
Gravel Xbox One Cover Art

Gravel Xbox One

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Gravel takes you off-road racing in exotic playgrounds around the world with some of the most exciting vehicles ever created. Become the Master in four exciting disciplines and be part of the greatest off-road competition ever seen in Offroad Masters.

Unleashing the full power of Unreal Engine 4, Gravel bestows each location with an unprecedented level of detail and makes the competition fun for everyone: photorealistic graphics, dynamic time of day and weather system, accessible physics and breath-taking locations where you can race at full speed rushing through forests, snowy mountains, dunes and deserts with impressive lighting and particle effects...

~ Features

* Wild rush game mode: The wildest locations around the world make for a perfect theater to host the Offroad Masters show. Tracks made to show yourself and crush your opponents, without holding anything back.

* Cross country game mode: Wide, open maps perfect to race with opponents in checkpoint competitions or to explore freely. Drive without boundaries, and steal the show!

* Speed cross game mode: Take the fight into real tracks, and show your true skills as an offroad driver.

* Stadium circuit game mode: Arenas filled with spectacular jumps: feel the roar of the crowd and launch your vehicle in extreme acrobatics.

* Gravel channel: Everything you do in Gravel is for the show: Offroad Masters, hosted by Gravel Channel, is the wildest offroad show on earth, and you will race to beat the Masters and take the top spot in the competition.


Platform: Xbox One
Format: Region Free (EU Release: this will run on NZ Xbox One systems).
Players: 1
Free Hard Drive Space: 23GB Minimum plus extra for online updates.

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