Hasbro Family Fun Pack PS4 Cover Art
Hasbro Family Fun Pack PS4 Cover Art

Hasbro Family Fun Pack PS4

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Rating: For Everyone 10 Years & Over. ESRB (US). Contains*Mild Violence*
The Hasbro family fun pack is a compilation of Monopoly Plus, Scrabble, Risk and Trivial Pursuit Live! offering loads of opportunities for fun family time.

With modern twists, your favorite Hasbro games have never been more enjoyable.


* Great Value - Four classic titles in one bundle, providing hours of entertainment.

* Monopoly Plus - Play the Monopoly you know and love set in a beautiful 3D world - watch the board come to life.

* Scrabble - Challenge opponents and test your word skills with new game modes. Virtual opponents range from easy to very difficult to beat and will respond to the player's actions and strategies over time allowing players to either engage in casual fun or play with a real challenge.

* Risk - Compete in the game of global domination. Become head of the armed forces and direct the war from your high-tech control room. Fight on the classic map layout with stunning 3D visuals, deploy tanks and planes with the help of your tactical adviser IRIS!.Enjoy a new modern, military look, and rediscover rules variants such as ‘capture all the capitals’.

* Trivial Pursuit Live! - Featuring unique question formats and diverse rounds - it's never been so fun for everyone with adapted difficulty levels and unique catch-up rounds that inject social moments offering players a fresh, original experience.


Platform: Playstation 4
Format: Region Free (ALL Regions Release: this will run on NZ PS4 systems).
Players: 1-6
Controllers Required: DualShock 4
Free Hard Drive Space: 20GB Minimum plus extra for any online updates.

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