Hasbro Game Night for Nintendo Switch Cover Art
Hasbro Game Night for Nintendo Switch Cover Art

Hasbro Game Night For Nintendo Switch

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  • Rating:For Everyone 10 Years & Over. Contains*Mild Violence*
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See who is up for the challenge at Monopoly, Trivial Pursuit Live!, and Risk in Hasbro Game Night for the Nintendo Switch. Choose your favorite game mode and enjoy hours of fun with family and friends...

~Key Features:

* Great value: Three classic games in one bundle, providing hours of entertainment.

* MONOPOLY: Discover 3D boards, exclusive tokens, and new ways to play, including shorter sessions. For up to six players.

* TRIVIAL PURSUIT LIVE!: Experience the thrill of TV-show trivia gameplay with up to three other players.

* RISK: Lead troops to victory in this modern version of the classic, with 3D visuals and custom rules. Up to four players.


Platform: Nintendo Switch
Format: Region Free (US Release: Runs on a NZ Switch)
Package: Switch Game Card
Players: 1-6 depending on game.

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