Legend of Zelda A Link Between Worlds 3DS Cover Art
Legend of Zelda A Link Between Worlds 3DS Cover Art

Legend of Zelda A Link Between Worlds 3DS *Nintendo Selects*

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Link must venture out on an epic journey full of combat, puzzles, and exploration in a new storyline set in the world of the Super NES classic The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past.

In a time of great turmoil, the seven sages of legend sealed away the evil Ganon and restored peace to Hyrule. Many generations later, the kingdom is at peace under the benevolent rule of Princess Zelda.

On an errand to deliver a sword from the blacksmith's shop, Link stumbles upon a magical attack. The sorcerer Yuga transforms a young girl - the descendant of a legendary sage - into a living painting, defeats Link, and vanishes.

An oddly dressed stranger returns Link to his home and gives him a mystical bracelet that will prove invaluable in the adventure to come.

Granted the power of interdimensional travel and equipped with items rented from Ravio, Link must travel between Hyrule and the dark mirror world of Lorule. Its dungeons are treacherous, but they lead to an even more ominous confrontation.

~ Key Features

Daring Adventure: Link has a new ability to become a "drawing" and move along walls of dungeons. This opens up ways to explore and puzzle elements that give Link access to locations he could not otherwise reach.

Gear: Try out a bunch of different gear that will help keep you safe and sound, from armour to swords and shields! Check in at the Touch Screen to select the best Gear for your current task.

Items: Ravio’s is your one-stop shop for all kinds of tip-top items; rent or buy, as your tastes (and wallet) dictate!

~ Specs:

Platform: 3DS & 2DS
Format: EU release: runs on all NZ 2DS & 3DS systems.
Players: 1

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