Lumines Electronic Symphony PSVita Cover Art
Lumines Electronic Symphony PSVita Cover Art

Lumines Electronic Symphony PSVita

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Lumines Electronic Symphony brings together addictive block-dropping puzzle action, an all-new 3D graphics engine, and some significant names in electronic music history.

~ Features

* New block mechanics: Special new block mechanics give you additional strategic options. Clear huge block combos using the powerful Chain Block, and learn to master the randomizing powers of the Shuffle Block.

* Star-studded musical line-up: The soundtrack is a diverse selection of known artists as well as original tracks composed by Q Entertainment's sound team. Look for tracks from The Chemical Brothers, Mark Ronson, Underworld, LCD Soundsystem, and more!

* All-new EXP system: Rewards player effort and investment by providing an in-depth player profile, deep stat tracking, and a new Experience Points system that rewards every player's play style with a level-based reward system. The more you play –whether in solo or versus play— the richer your Lumines experience will be.

~Some New Modes:

* Journey mode: Play the game as it was meant to be played in Lumines: Electronic Symphony’s Journey mode. In Journey, enjoy the game’s carefully arranged flow and take a beautiful musical journey.

* Duel mode: Take on another Lumines player in a musical puzzle battle to the finish. Use the game’s all-new block mechanics to gain the upper hand!

* Masters mode: Looking for something to test your mettle? Try out this high-speed, high-velocity, tournament-level mode. See how long you can survive in five intense zones of increasingly difficult block-dropping insanity.

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