Park Beyond PS5 Cover Art
Park Beyond PS5 Cover Art

Park Beyond PS5

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Park Beyond is a theme park simulation that gives you the freedom to create and manage the parks of your dreams. Whether you love to manage finances and visitor experiences or just create fun and cozy parks and rides, the game has something in store just for you...

~Key Features

+ Create the Parks of your Dreams: Build wild loops and hoops for a coaster like no other to attract thrill-seeking teens, research exciting flat rides to appeal to adults, or pop down cheery, adorable flat rides for families. But, you can also take things to the next level with unbelievable modules that add unique pizazz to your park.

+ Manage and Optimise for Success: Discover how to cater to your audiences and perfect your ride placement, prices, and shops to appeal to each audience. Guests will need to be supported by a specialized staff that you’ll hire and direct.

+ Design with Freedom: Customise every aspect of the park. Decorate your park, create themed areas and more.

+ Campaign and Sandbox Modes: If you’re new to the role of Visioneer, you can learn as you play in Campaign Mode. Choose how you want to play in Sandbox Mode, which can be adjusted to remove limitations by giving you infinite money or turning off the need to research new rides. However, it can also make your challenges harder by cutting your starting budget or requiring that you buy every new plot of land you want to use.


Platform: PS5 Format: Region Free (US Release: this will run on NZ PS5 systems with a disc drive). DLC Note: Not compatible with any DLC available for purchase on the NZ PS Store as DLC is region specific. Package: PS5 Game Disc Players: 1 Free Hard Drive Space: 30GB plus extra for any online updates.

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