Persian Nights Sands of Wonders PC Cover Art
Persian Nights Sands of Wonders PC Cover Art

Persian Nights Sands of Wonders

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  • Rating:For 12 Years & Over. Contains *Some Violence*

Brand New on 1 PC DVD-ROM Disc.
Ominous clouds are gathering over Persia. The harsh rule of Grand Vizier Zaved, in the absence of the deathly ill King, has brought the country to the edge of ruin. To make matters worse, a shadowy disease has appeared out of nowhere, corrupting entire settlements.

Tara, a skilled apothecary, believes it’s her duty to investigate. During this quest she will need to face different kinds of danger, solve plenty of riddles, explore the worlds even beyond Persia and face the most vile enemy that has ever threaten this world.

Follow Tara on her mission, and do not let her travel alone. She might need a helping hand in the days to come.

~ Features

* Save Persia from a mysterious plague.

* Intriguing riddles and hidden-object scenes.

* Gather ingredients and brew secret potions.

* Discover fairytale Persia in 41 locations.

* Interactive mini-games with duels and swordfighting.

* Larger than life companions will assist you.

* In-game electronic extras including concept art, achievements and more.

System Requirements

* Windows® Vista / 7 / 8 / 10
* 2GHz+ CPU
* 1GB+ Ram
* Approx 1.7GB Free Hard Drive Space
* DVD-ROM Drive
* 64MB+ DirectX 9.0b compatible graphic card.

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