Seiko ER2100 Unboxed
Seiko ER2100 Unboxed

Seiko Electronic Concise Oxford Thesaurus ER2100

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Find the words to set the right tone and express yourself clearly with the concise Oxford electronic thesaurus from Seiko.

Compact and portable, the Seiko ER2100 references over 565,000 spellings and synonyms from the concise Oxford thesaurus.

Build your command of the English language with a spellchecker as well as with crossword and anagram solvers for those exciting brain cells expanding word puzzles.

8 word games take you on a fun word journey of exploration while keeping you well entertained.

The Seiko ER2100 is not done yet and offers a calculator as well as a host of converters for money to metric to clothing sizes. The perfect go to word reference guide on the go.

~ Highlights

* Thesaurus - Explore the spectrum of words contained in the concise Oxford thesaurus. Results are grouped by parts of speech with example sentences followed by lists of synonyms where available.

* Spellchecker - View phonetic or alphabetic matches to check that you have the right spelling.

* Crossword Solver: Fill in the letters you know and put question marks for the ones you don't to find those elusive answers.

* Anagram / Jumble Solver – Help you build a list of valid anagrams.

* 8 word games – with 3 skill levels: Hangman, User Hangman, Jumble, User Jumble, Crosssword Quiz, Time Bomb, Memory & Hidden.

* Calculator

* Converters - Money (pounds and other currency), Metric / Imperial (Temperature, Length, Area, Volume, Weight, Capacity, Power), Clothing (Men, Women & Children: Everything from shoes to socks to suits to dresses & more).

~ Tech Specs

Model: Seiko ER2100 (UK Model)
Dimensions (Closed): Approx 10.7 x 7.7 x 1.3 cm
Battery: 1 x CR 2032 (preinstalled)

~ Good to Know:

* Pocket sized with a responsive keyboard and 2 line display. Display contrast is set in Set mode.

* Includes an operation booklet.

* 6 month warranty against manufacturing defects.

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