Seiko Oxford Crossword Solver (Solvers Galore)
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Seiko Oxford Crossword Solver (Solvers Galore)

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When you can't for the life of you figure out answers to your daily crosswords or brain tingling word puzzles, turn to the nifty Oxford crossword solver ER3200 from Seiko with access to over 250,0000 words from the Oxford crossword dictionary for help.

10 word games take you on a fun and engrossing journey building your vocabulary while keeping you entertained.

A thesaurus function allows you to investigate synonyms and antonyms while the spellchecker lets you check that you have the right spelling.

The ER3200 is not done yet and offers a calculator as well as a host of converters. The perfect go to reference guide on the go.

~ Highlights

* Crossword Solver: Fill in the letters you know and put question marks for the ones you don't to find those elusive answers.

* Knowledge Solver: Help with general knowledge questions across 256 topics.

* Other Solvers - Anagrams, Abbreviation, Phrase Finder, Letter changer, Word maker and Word viewer.

* 10 word games – with 3 skill levels: Hangman, User Hangman, Jumble, User Jumble, Beat the Clock, Memory, Synonyms, Crossword Quiz, Tops and Tails & Word Challenge.

* Thesaurus

* Spellchecker

* Calculator

* Converters - Money (pounds and other currency), Metric / Imperial (Temperature, Length, Area, Volume, Weight, Capacity, Power), Clothing (Men, Women & Children).

~ Tech Specs

Model: Seiko ER3200 (UK Model)
Dimensions (Closed): Approx 10.7 x 7.7 x 1 cm
Battery: 1 x CR 2032 (preinstalled)

~ Good to Know

* Pocket sized with a responsive keyboard and clear display.

* The ER3200 solver does not provide definitions.

* Includes an operation booklet.

* This has a 6 month warranty with vgamesnz against manufacturing defects.

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