Sorcery Saga Curse of the Great Curry God PSVita Cover Art
Sorcery Saga Curse of the Great Curry God PSVita Cover Art

Sorcery Saga Curse of the Great Curry God PSVita

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  • Rating:Teen ESRB (US). For 13 Years & Over.
Sorcery Saga Curse of the Great Curry God is a challenging rogue-like RPG that blends dungeon crawler action with an entertaining story.

Play as Pupuru, a curry-ageous young girl on a mission to save her friend's curry restaurant and meet the Great Curry God.

With the help of her friends Kuu and Puni, they journey to find magical ingredients, enter pe-roux-lous dungeons, and go where no curry-loving worshiper has gone before.

~ Features

* 50+ Hours of Play - With multiple ways to finish but only one true ending, Sorcery Saga brings hours of fun.

* Dungeons Galore! - Load up on items, learn powerful spells, and explore many the dungeons of the world! Go toe-to-toe with a whole menagerie of wierd and wonderous creatures.

* Behold! The Power of Curry! - Need a quick boost to help you conquer the most challenging dungeons? If you have the recipes and ingredients, you can make stat-boosting curry.

* Rogue-like dungeon crawler  - Battles are turn-based and there are consequences for dying in a dungeon.  Pupuru will be transported back to town and all of the items and money she had on her will be stripped.

Pupuru becomes stronger as she gains levels however once she leaves a dungeon, her level will plummet all the way back to one. This is why upgrading your equipment is of vital importance.

* Game text is in English. Voices are in Japanese.

~ Specs:

Platform: PSVita
Format: Region Free (US release: runs on all NZ PSVita systems).
Players: 1
Free Memory Required: Approx: 5120kb+ extra for any online updates.

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