Toukiden 2 PSVita Cover Art
Toukiden 2 PSVita Cover Art

Toukiden 2 PSVita

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  • Rating:For 16 Years & Over. Contains*Violence*
Fight to save the world from demons through real time battles in a huge open world environment. Experience deep new story lines, arm for battle with new weapons, and defeat newly designed demons.

Trapped in an endless battle against the deadly Oni, you must use your special abilities as a "Slayer" to fight alongside your allies and save the world from annihilation...

~ Features:

* Huge Open World Map - from the start, freely explore a world full of Oni and villages and uncover numerous quests. The lush greenery and safety of the village gradually give way to a desolate wasteland known as the Otherworld that was formed by rifts in space-time created by the Oni.

* Expansive New Storyline - Advance the story thru exploration and discovery. During the fierce battle known as the Awakening, you are sucked into a mysterious void and transported to Mahoroba Village. Waking up in this strange land with no memories of your past, you meet the Professor as well as a cast of unique and colorful characters that continue the fight against the Oni.

* New Characters, New Oni, and New Mitama.

* Robust Character Creation - Customise your hero.

* 2 New Weapon Types - bringing the total to 11 with different attributes and abilities to create over 1500 variations.

* Spawn the deadly Demon Hand' - for powerful Targeted Destruction. New levels of variety and strategic depth have been added to combat.

~ Specs:

Platform: PSVita
Format: Region Free (EU release runs on all NZ PSVita systems).
Players: 1
Free Memory Required: Approx: 10MB+ extra for online updates.

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