Xblaze Code Embryo PSVita Cover Art
Xblaze Code Embryo PSVita Cover Art

Xblaze Code Embryo PSVita

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  • Rating:For 16 Years & Over. Contains*Some Bad Language*
Delve deeper into the BlazBlue mythos. Set 150 years before the events of BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger, XBlaze Code: Embryo is a visual novel that follows Touya Kagari, a high school student whose world is turned upside down when he is attacked by a seemingly otherworldly being and saved by a mysterious girl named Es...

~ Features

* Play a new type of visual novel where it's not about the choices you make, but the information you gather with a state of the art information tool which will branch the story into different paths.

* Novel is voice acted in Japanese with translations provided on-screen in English. Sense the emotion in the voices which enhances the storyline leading you on.

* Total of 14 Episodes with 11 different routes/endings.

* Over 30 hours of gameplay.

* Produced by the same producer of BLAZBLUE,Toshimichi Mori.

* Beautiful Japanese animation/manga artwork.

* Famous manga voice actors including Tomokazu Sugita, Akira Ishida

* Graphic Art, Movies and Music unlock and appear in your gallery as you progress.

~ Specs:

Platform: PSVita
Format: Region Free (EU release runs on all NZ PSVita systems).
Players: 1
Free Memory Required: Approx: 50MB+ extra for any online updates.

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